The 4 Popular Healthy Takeout Spots in Toronto

Most food enthusiasts and experts think of takeout meals as unhealthy, but did you know that you can also find healthy ready-made alternatives in Toronto? Luckily, you can grab a bite of any of the following fresh choices within the city’s most popular takeout restaurants.

1. Bolt Fresh Bar

Bolt Fresh Bar has been among the staunch promoters of healthy dining for roughly nine years, serving all-natural meals and drinks. Located at Queen West just near Parkdale, the tiny eatery is renowned for its Rainbow Salad bowl, which features a hearty and vibrant blend of chopped almonds, green apple, beets, red cabbage, carrot, bell pepper, and radish.

2. IQ Food Company

Whenever you come across West King Street, pay a visit to IQ Food. Seasonal menus like their hearty turmeric broth and winter chickpea soups will surely reinvigorate your spirit.

3. Sunshine Wholesome Market

Sunshine Wholesome Market, a renowned grocery shop along College Street, is known for its gluten-free meals, including their minimally-processed roast chicken sandwich loaded with caramelized onions and spring mix.

4. Fresh Restaurants

If you have an appetite for plant-based burgers, you should check out Fresh Restaurants. The diner offers a complete menu comprising a variety of additive-free burgers sprinkled with homegrown artisanal ingredients. Interestingly, they also serve fresh, cold-compressed juices and smoothies on top of whole burgers.

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