The 3 Famous Panzerotti Dining Spots in Toronto

If you’re now yearning for pizza but at the same time searching for a different and perhaps more delicious variation, give the panzerotti a try.

A panzerotti is a deep-fried variant of the calzone, a folded but oven-baked pizza. The panzerotti mainly has a stuffing of an abundant cheese and tomato sauce mix, making it the ideal option over the pizza.

To satiate your hunger, here are the four famous panzerotti dining spots you’ll only find in Toronto.

1. Antonino’s Pizzeria & Panini

Antonino’s is a well-known pizzeria and panini eatery situated in Vaughan. The Italian joint specializes in making panzerotti loaded with lots of homemade cheese and sauce. According to their regular customers, you can mix other toppings for a more delightful dining experience.

2. Burattino Brick Oven Pizza

Burattino is a unique Toronto-based pizza junction in that it offers California-style panzerotti. Their best-selling menu includes two sizes, namely the 18-inch Beast and the 12-inch Giant.

3. Chito’s Pizza

Even though Chito’s is renowned for its shawarma pizza, the restaurant has panzerotti on its menu. The delicious shawarma topping is among their three available offerings.

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