The 3 Best Locales for a Girls’ Evening Out

Planning a girls’ night out might be challenging, especially with conflicting schedules often leading to rearranged dates. However, worry no more about planning that special get-together because we’ve compiled a list of the three best locales to celebrate your occasional gathering.

1. LOV

Veggie lovers will admire one chic spot in the King West neighborhood: LOV. The restaurant name is an acronym for local, organic, and vegan, hence its penchant for anything healthy.

LOV quickly became popular because of its wide assortment of green menu choices, organic beer and wine, and bright and classy ambiance. This place is perfect for goodness-filled dinners and chatty drinks.

2. Ascari Enoteca

Girls who prefer less crowded venues and a civilized eating-out affair may want to check out Ascari Enoteca at Leslieville. This Italian spot has an overall vintage look, ideal for indulging in good food and mannerly conversations.

What sets Ascari Enoteca apart is its half-priced bottled wines every Monday, perfect for starting your week right. You also get the chance to grub their famous handmade pasta.

3. Dasha

Perhaps some of the highlights of Dasha are its trendy, welcoming atmosphere and the unforgettable experience it brings. If your social circle has mostly party-loving ladies, bring them straight to Dasha at King West. 

This restaurant serves Chinese-inspired Michelin Star dishes, has five private karaoke rooms to sing your heart out, and features an eye-catching dining room decor. Due to the eatery’s popularity, it has already made rounds on social media.

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