The Top 4 Gnocchi Eateries in Toronto

There are multiple shape and size variations of pasta, but the one that stands out among the pack is the gnocchi. 

Frequently dubbed potato dumplings, this Italian dish comprises eggs, flour, and – most importantly – potatoes. Once you grab a bite of the gnocchi, combine it with a rich and flavorful cream sauce.

Check out these top four gnocchi joints in Toronto to fulfill your pasta cravings.

1. Aloette

If you are seeking an entirely different variant of the gnocchi you’d like to try, Aloette is the perfect spot. The French joint is known for its distinctive gnocchi made from bacon, chestnut, sage, and sweet potato.

2. Enoteca Sociale

You only get to experience grubbing the tomato-and-chili-blended gnocchi at Enoteca Sociale. The eatery’s potato dumpling tastes much better when there’s smoked ricotta on it, giving it an undoubtedly savory aroma and taste.

3. Terroni

Southern Italian food is one remarkable encounter you shouldn’t overlook. Fortunately, Terroni has you covered with its tomato sauce-smothered gnocchi. Their best-selling menu features basil, fresh ricotta, and Parmigiano toppings.

4. Pizzeria Moretti

For food lovers who prefer butter and pepper on their gnocchi, look no further than Pizzeria Moretti. The restaurant is famous for having Parmigiano Reggiano dressing on the mix to make the menu more flavorsome.

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