The 3 Famous Panzerotti Dining Spots in Toronto

If you’re now yearning for pizza but at the same time searching for a different and perhaps more delicious variation, give the panzerotti a try.
A panzerotti is a deep-fried variant of the calzone, a folded but oven-baked pizza. The panzerotti mainly has a stuffing of an abundant cheese and tomato sauce mix, making it the ideal option over the pizza.
To satiate your hunger, here are the four famous panzerotti dining spots you’ll only find in Toronto.
1. Antonino’s Pizzeria & …

The 4 Popular Healthy Takeout Spots in Toronto

Most food enthusiasts and experts think of takeout meals as unhealthy, but did you know that you can also find healthy ready-made alternatives in Toronto? Luckily, you can grab a bite of any of the following fresh choices within the city’s most popular takeout restaurants.
1. Bolt Fresh Bar
Bolt Fresh Bar has been among the staunch promoters of healthy dining for roughly nine years, serving all-natural meals and drinks. Located at Queen West just near Parkdale, the tiny eatery is renowned for its Rainbow Salad bowl, which features a hearty …

The Top 4 Gnocchi Eateries in Toronto

There are multiple shape and size variations of pasta, but the one that stands out among the pack is the gnocchi. 
Frequently dubbed potato dumplings, this Italian dish comprises eggs, flour, and – most importantly – potatoes. Once you grab a bite of the gnocchi, combine it with a rich and flavorful cream sauce.
Check out these top four gnocchi joints in Toronto to fulfill your pasta cravings.
1. Aloette
If you are seeking an entirely different…

The 4 Best Milkshake Joints in Toronto

Most people tend to think of ice cream as the go-to cold, sweet treat to beat the sunny heat. If you’re looking for another treat to satisfy your sweet cravings, why don’t you try a milkshake for a change?
This compilation of the six best milkshake joints throughout Toronto is a good starting point to appreciate this delightful treat.
1. The Big Chill
The Big Chill is more than just a venue with an admirable sage green storefront, vibrant neon lighting, and retro ambiance. This milkshake …