The 4 Best Milkshake Joints in Toronto

Most people tend to think of ice cream as the go-to cold, sweet treat to beat the sunny heat. If you’re looking for another treat to satisfy your sweet cravings, why don’t you try a milkshake for a change?

This compilation of the six best milkshake joints throughout Toronto is a good starting point to appreciate this delightful treat.

1. The Big Chill

The Big Chill is more than just a venue with an admirable sage green storefront, vibrant neon lighting, and retro ambiance. This milkshake joint offers the following flavors: vanilla, chocolate, and salted caramel.

2. Dutch Dreams

Balloons, large toys, and bright-red paint are the store elements that make Dutch Dreams stand out as a candy wonderland-like joint. This hangout place serves vegan-friendly milkshakes as well as delectable cakes and waffles.

3. Nanashake

Nanashake is one unique dessert shop. This joint in North York specializes in banana-based milkshakes and vega desserts that are undeniably yummy.

4. Tom’s Dairy Freeze

Situated just beside the Queensway hotel in Etobicoke, Tom’s Dairy Freeze serves a strangely delicious line of milkshake flavors such as blueberry, mocha, root beer, and sarsaparilla, all for reasonable prices.

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