The Beet strives to be an eco-friendly venture. Our mission is to support local farmers by providing fresh, local organic produce, whenever possible. We carry imported items that are Certified Fair Trade, use eco friendly packaging and our space is decorated with reclaimed materials. We take pride in being a socially responsible business.  WELCOME!


Owner/Operator - Certified Nutritional Practitioner

"The Beet seed was planted nine years ago, when Heather and I were practicing together at Heather's Bloor West Homeopathic and Wellness Clinic. For years we had been recommending nutritional protocols and dietary changes to our patients. While they were delighted to get started on a new adventure of healthy eating, many of them hit a road block not knowing where to find or how to prepare these new dishes. This created the inspiration that became The Beet!"


Owner - Holistic MD

As we are both busy moms it is important to Michelle and I to provide healthy food to our families, friends and clients. We are excited that The Beet provides the neighbourhood with that one-stop shop to make healthy eating an enjoyable and convenient experience. It has also been our priority to provide ethical and environmental practices. So, you won’t find hardwood from the rainforest or styrofoam packaging in our spot!"