The Beet

Welcome to The Beet! 

The Beet is an organic restaurant that focuses on sourcing local, organic and sustainable ingredients.

 Our menu was designed by owners Michelle Vella and Heather Osler, a certified nutritionist and a homeopathic doctor. The Beet was created to provide the neighbourhood with a reliable, healthy dining option!

From the sustainable interior design to the biodegradable take out packaging,The Beet strives to be an eco-friendly venture. 

Our mission is to support local farmers by providing fresh local produce whenever possible. We carry imported items that are Certified Fair Trade and take pride in being a socially responsible business. 

 Ask About our Daily Specials!


Join us for 
A citywide vegan/vegetarian event.

Runs Nov 14th-30th 

-Vegan tasting plate:

-Vegan "tuna" melt on St.Johns multigrain (made
 from chickpeas) topped with Daiya and pickled
-Arugula pecan salad with walnut maple
 balsamic dressing
-Roasted beets
-Small Tomato Magic soup
-6 oz "Beet It" juice
-Vegan power cookie! 


ALL DAY- take out available 

Photo by Marcus
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